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6 Ways Hemp CBD Can Improve Your Fitness Regimen

6 Ways Hemp CBD Can Improve Your Fitness Regimen

By Damien Darby

Along with all the many therapeutic wonders of hemp CBD concentrates coming to light, did you know hemp extracts high in CBD can also be one of the most powerful fitness supplements in existence?

CBD = Cannabidiol if you’re just now catching wind.

And here’s the clincher with the hemp CBD concentrates, there’s only one ingredient – the hemp plant material! That’s it folks. I’ve been into fitness for 20 years and stayed almost completely away from conventional supplements for one simple reason: the ingredients.

With hemp CBD oil or pastes you get all the benefits we’ll discuss in this article through one plant-based ingredient alone. 

Let’s look at the benefits I’ve experienced.

#1: Improve Natural Appetite Control

So in terms of medical science, cannabidiol helps our endocannabinoid system (ECS) better regulate the hunger/reward mechanism within our brain where cannabinoid receptors are most plentiful. In my opinion, one of the leading causes of obesity is that this mechanism gets knocked out of balance for a variety of environmental reasons including contaminants, preservatives, and other impurities in the mainstream food supply.

Hemp CBD Metabolic Regulation

In everyday terms, all I can say from my own personal experience is…wow!

For me the metabolic balance is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. Just a single small dosage of hemp CBD paste early in the day before workouts is more than enough. I didn’t notice it right away, but within a month realized:

  • I just don’t eat as much with a steady supply of CBD in my system. And listen folks, the VAST majority of us are eating more than we need to.
  • I saved some cash on groceries!

If you’re in a bulking stage I WOULDN’T suggest you take CBD-rich hemp paste or oils. There’s no THC, so there won’t be any “munchies” effect. Quite the opposite actually. But, if you’re working out to trim down and tone up, then yes, you should definitely look into hemp CBD supplementation.

Actually, if obesity is a problem for you period, I would HIGHLY recommend you consider using CBD-rich hemp oil as a dietary aid.

#2: Get a Jitter-Free Energy Boost That Lasts

For me, one small dosage is enough to lift my bottom line energy level for I’d say at least 8-10 solid hours.

No kidding.

Taking it later in the evening is a bad idea because then I can’t nod off at a reasonable time. But once I do get around to sleeping, it’s much higher quality because I’m actually tired. However, if I know I’m going to be up all night writing, yeah! A dose has me rocking well into the morning without issue or getting mentally tired.

I’m a big coffee drinker when there’s no hemp CBD around and I know coffee. It’s not like that at all. There’s no anxiety, nervousness, or hyper-awareness. No jitters. Zero. I don’t “feel” under the influence because it’s not the plant doing anything, but a natural system of my body utilizing non-psychoactive phytonutrients.

And it’s not just physical energy either…

#3: Enhance Your Exercise State of Mind

If you’re someone like me that’s been working out for years and years, sometimes it can be a little boring. Sometimes the drive to go to the gym or wherever and mix it up again may be lacking. Well, and this goes for both hemp-based CBD and marijuana-based products with THC, cannabis gives me new perspective.

Hemp CBD Weight Lifting

Do I smoke marijuana and then workout? Absolutely! Are you kidding me?! In the last couple decades I’ve done this countless times and I’m not the slightest bit ashamed to say so.

Cannabis helps me get into the zone so to speak, safely, and I’m not alone by any stretch of the imagination. But with THC, for me, comes a bit of annoying anxiety. If I dose with hemp-based CBD though, I get all the physical/mental energy and creativity without the high.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Studies prove that when you exercise without being mentally there, it dramatically raises inflammation levels. Same thing goes for a rat that’s forced to run. But when you’re inspired and into it, enjoying the workout…yeah, you see much better results.

#4: Refresh Your Workout-Design

Right, I know perfectly well how many of you reading this right now have issues in the exercise-design department.

A bit of cannabinoids before I hit the gym takes care of it for me. I’m able to quickly throw together a workout I haven’t done in a while that challenges my muscles in ways that ensure I get in a great workout instead of “maintaining” or going through the motions yet again.

#5: Increase Pain and Endurance Thresholds for a Better Pump

CBD is a well-established analgesic powerhouse, meaning it reduces pain across the board. This includes muscular/mental tension during an exercise. The tension is still there, consuming energy, but I don’t experience it as much so I can push deeper into a heavy set, or push my endurance more than I normally would during a circuit.

Hemp CBD Fitness Boxing

Make sense? And this also goes for sore muscles and joints.

For example, maybe my chest is crazy-sore from yesterday but I want to go in and destroy the punching bag. Well, if I take some CBD-rich hemp oil then my experience of that soreness will be dramatically reduced along with any inflammation in my shoulders.

#6: No “High” to Worry About

Pretty cool right? And we’ve only just scratched the surface. At the end of the day though what I most appreciate about CBD that comes from industrial hemp is the lack of THC. As I said, I’ve combined working out with THC hundreds of times. And I can tell you that hemp CBD is nothing like it.

Without question I feel it’s far superior in every way.

  • Metabolic Regulation (No munchies)
  • Workout Motivation and Exercise Design
  • Natural Energy
  • Improved Strength Endurance & Mental Stamina

While I can’t promise you’ll have the same experience, I can assure you it’s worth a shot. Remember, we’re talking about small dosages here.\


Note from HH Outlet - one 30ml bottle of CBD Oil has over 60 servings. If taken infrequently or every couple of days your bottle could last you 3-5 months easily.