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We have helped many clients find the best VAPE solution for their needs.

(*****) This is a 5 STAR Batter Mod for ANY VAPE use. We've tested several of these batteries and they rank a solid 10+ and A+ for:

  • Battery Life - seems like days, not just every day
  • Quality - Very Dependable, always works, usually on lowest heat setting
  • Size - This battery MOD is smaller than a typical VAPE PEN, so it fits in your pocket, your purse, your backpack or car much easier.
For those that are experienced with VAPE PEN SUPPLIES and can REFILL your own cartridge, or are looking for self service and easy to use cartridge -
This is the BATTERY For you

With this Battery MOD you get:

  • 2 Vape Cartridge ADAPTORS
  • - You can have 2 separate CBD VAPE Cartridges in use
  • 2 EMPTY VAPE Cartridges with NO LIQUID
  • 1 USB charger cord


All you need to do is buy your CBD OIL. See our BLOG for recommendations on which CBD OIL MG to TRY for your needs.

Thank you and Happy VAPING!

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