Instant Coconut Water Powder, (CBD Infused), 18x Individual powder sticks


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Made From Real Coconuts

Naturally loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and made from real freeze-dried coconuts. Our Instant Coconut Water contains no added sugars, sweeteners, colorings or preservatives.

Each serving contains 25mg of Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD) for accelerated results. Each Box contains 10 individual packs of water soluble power. These are great for on the go use, mix in a water bottle, solo cup, into your coffee or tea, it's up to you!


Powered By OLEO

We infuse each serving with 25mg of Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD). This form of CBD is water-soluble, and has a higher absorption/bioavailability than is found when compared to other forms of CBD.



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