Holiday Gift Package (C) Strong Pain Relief

Holiday Gift Package (C) Strong Pain Relief

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In this package you get: 

1 - our most popular starter CBD Oil Tincture, a 1800mg, 1oz bottle.

1 - our most popular disposable Vape Pen, a 200mg .5ml CBD Vape

Anxiety is typically something that happens quickly such as a panic attack, or an old memory pops in your mind and floods your thoughts. We usually don't plan for anxiety to happen in 30 minutes, so when it does happen you want relief in a short amount of time (Onset time). 

This Holiday Kit offers our best CBD Oil in a Tincture bottle with up to 60+ servings and our easy to use, inhale activated, disposable CBD Vape Pen. The CBD Oil can be taken in am and pm time as needed to achieve the desired benefits. This will help to take the edge off the anxiety as a whole and should help calm and sooth. Then, if a sudden situation creates situational anxiety, the vape pen can be used to help provide an onset within minutes. 

1800mg dose info:

- 1 full dropper is 60mg strength. An average CBD Gummy is 15-25mg CBD.
- 1/2 dropper is 30mg, about X2 the average dietary dose.
- This bottle can last over 90 days, or can be stacked up to fight higher levels of anxiety or pain/inflammation.

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