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HHO Sample Pack Combo (4 packs) Hemp and Delta Blend

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Healthy Hemp Outlet sample packs of hemp CBD and Delta products.

At this year's localtopia event in St Petersburg Florida we had the opportunity to meet many new clients in the area and we offered sample packs of many of our products to help them make an easy decision while at 1 of the busiest markets of the year.

We now have these sample packs available online for a minimum of $40 so that you will get free shipping. Each sample pack is $10 bucks,  some have 3 pieces and some have 5 pieces depending on the milligram each and market price.

Choose from the sample packs below. There are 4 options ranging from Hemp CBD, Hemp Delta 8, and Functional Mushrooms.

  • All Delta 8 Sample Kit 
  • Half Delta 8 / Half CBD Sample Kit
  • Half Delta 8 / Half D8 D10 Mushrooms Sample Kit
  • All CBD Sample Kit