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HEMP Flower Various Strains All less than .3% THC

HEMP Flower Various Strains All less than .3% THC

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CBD HEMP - Various Hemp Flower Options. This Item is for our Current Hemp Flower Special. We buy from the Farms direct, and in large quantities. This gives us a purchase patterns every few weeks. This also gives us the ability to buy the best hemp cbd flower and shop not only price, but quality and cannabinoid profile. We do sell standard Hemp Products, but with CBD Hemp Flower we want to offer better than average. We will typically stock ONE Strain at a time, and the Strain COA will show why we selected this Hemp Dry Flower. 


All hemp is grown on licensed U.S. farms.  All of our flower is tested and tests less than the U.S. legal allowance of .3% Delta 9 THC. We package premium hemp flower in air tight plastic containers to protect the quality of the bud flower. We may use another product empty bottle to ship your product so that it is protected in the package. We also sell on the Heavy side. So our quarters are 8 grams usually, and our 1/2's are 15 grams. 

You will receive:

  • A Sealed Container of your choice for CBD Dry Flower
  • This product can be consumed by smoking or cooking.


Shipping Info:
With each purchase your package will ship in a plain white Discreet padded envelope. No Stickers or pictures, just our return address: on the outside. You also get this dose guide as a suggestion for your needs. 

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