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Hemp CBD guide - Free with Purchase

Hemp CBD guide - Free with Purchase

  • $9.99

When you visit our retail store we share free hemp CBD information that allows you to feel comfortable and confident about your hemp CBD product decision. We now offer this in a short but informative hemp CBD guide.

Inside the guide you will get Short but easy to understand stories and examples of how hemp works, including:

  • You will see and understand the physical and chemical difference between hemp and marijuana.
  • The Four Ways you can use hemp CBD (eat it, rub it on, leave under tongue for 20+ seconds, Inhale/Vape), and will tell you a little bit about each so you can choose which product is best for your needs.
  • You will get guidance on the strength of the bottle and how much per serving you might want to try?
  • Your Endocannabinoid system - we give you enough information to understand what is happening inside your body when hemp is present and working with your ECS. This is the most fascinating part!
  • We explain to you what to expect- and what NOT to expect such as: what should I feel, how will I feel, will I feel anything, how do I know it’s working?

Currently this guide is offered via a live educational exchange similar to a doctor visit, but this is not a doctor’s visit and you can ask any questions you want to.

When you order online - With each purchase you will get a short educational flyer that has basic CBD information, Dose suggestions, and a graph showing you bottle strength and milligrams and how to calculate your own use.

If you want to schedule a phone call with Adam to go over this info, or just to answer your questions pleas add this item to your cart and order with your Other items- use the coupon code listed below (must also purchase CBD items).

If you would like an informal but more comprehensive scheduled conference call we currently offer this when you order quantity five of the guides and do not use a coupon. For 50.00 you will get a one hour of conference call with comprehensive hemp CBD information and time for your questions and answers.


Free Guide Coupon Code: hhohempguide 

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