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Our Best CBD GUMMIES - Most Popular CBD for Sleep

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Our Best GUMMIES - Sleep easier tonight!


Healthy Hemp Outlet Product Testing & Review: (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This is our best product for Sleep Assistance. Several Positive Testimonials have been given to us regarding how these gummies helped customers get a good night of sleep. Most people don't expect their sleep to improve with CBD use because we tend to think we are SPOT treating with CBD. However, CBD gets into your body and distributes mostly evenly and ends up working hardest where your body and brain might need.

And with ZERO THC there is no concern about any "high feeling". Suggested Guidelines: After 4 days of CBD Gummy use (taken about 1 hour before bedtime), you should enjoy a better night of sleep and general improvement in pain sensation (feeling).  If not, your dose may be low and need more to achieve optimal benefits. 

At Nature’s Script, we only source our Hemp Extract from organic-certified, non-GMO, premium-quality Industrial Hemp. We also verify the purity and potency of our Hemp Extract Gummies with a third-party lab. 

  • 15 mg of Hemp Extract per GUMMY
  • 25 count bottle is most popular 
  • Tested by Independent Labs
  • Certified Pure CBD, No-THC
  • HHO Approved Vendor with First Hand Testimonials!!

Options and Total CBD per Item: 
  (each Gummie is 15mg except HP)

We offer mixed quantities other than the standard option of 5 or 25 gummies. This is from our in store bulk inventory. We sell at local markets and our clients started asking for these price ranges. The 25 unit option is a Sealed Bottle. The other products ship in a bulk bag without label.  

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