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Cannabis Education - 1 hour Session

Cannabis Education - 1 hour Session

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Cannabis Hemp CBD Education

Everyday thousands of Americans buy their first, or 5th, bottle of CBD to use for their own self care. When these patients come visit you, they may share with you their experience, and they may ask for guidance. 

Our goal with this Cannabis Education Session is to give your office and team enough of a basic understanding to have a conversation with your patients or clients. The alternative is you may lose patients and clients because your inability to communicate with patients on a topic that is far more than Anecdotally Accepted, it is scientifically grounded in our human bodies. 

With three years of successful Hemp Education to clients and businesses, and over 150 documented client positive outcomes, we are happy to offer your business or class a fun and highly informative Cannabis Education Session that will give your team the Basic Understanding of the following topics and most commonly asked about questions.

In this Session you will learn:

  • The Definition of Cannabis
  • The Difference between Hemp and Marijuana
  • The Difference between CBD and THC
  • Cannabis Plant Properties (cannabinoids, >.3% details)
  • Why CBD is the best First Line of Treatment
  • What to expect from THC
  • What to expect, and NOT expect, from CBD

You will also learn about and understand:

  • The Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • The purpose of your ECS
  • How your ECS absorbs cannabinoids (efficacy) 
  • The four primary ways to take CBD (efficacy)
  • The onset/duration of CBD (efficacy)
  • The "feeling" of CBD
  • What you will NOT feel with CBD
  • How to explain what happens next with CBD

You also get a comprehensive list of Cannabis Terms that you should know:

  • Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and more
  • Hemp, CBD, and more
  • Marijuana, THC, and more
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) Lab Report
  • EndoCannabinoid System
  • CB1 and CB2 Receptors
  • and much more


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