Doc's Healthy Hemp

Doc's Healthy Hemp High-Grade CBD Products 

Healthy Hemp Outlet started in 2017 with a goal to find the best CBD vendors and help bring their products to you, in one easy to navigate site and from a vendor you can trust.

Over the past 2 year HHOUTLET has heard first hand testimonials - both good and bad, about CBD vendors and their products.

We do not approve products for sale that are not of high quality, that do not have certified LAB reports or that receive negative feedback from clients.

By the end of 2017 it was clear that HHOUTLET was ready to bring a high quality CBD product to the market, and we did - Doc's Healthy Hemp.

ANNOUNCING a new High Quality CBD Product Line:

  • Doc's Healthy Hemp products are lab tested and must pass higher than average standards.

  • ZERO THC in Doc's Health Hemp products meaning there is no "high" or psycho-active effect.

Ask one of our sales representatives about Doc's Healthy Hemp specials.