Hemp CBD for Dogs


Healthy Hemp Outlet attends local markets and Pet charities where we give free CBD for Pet samples. These events are the most challenging to test a dog. If we give 10 dogs a sample of 300mg CBD oil - typically more than half of the pet owners will return before they leave and buy Pet CBD OIL, the other half usually buys online later. Most said they saw their dog a bit less stimulated or not as anxious.

HH Outlet also Donates CBD HEMP OIL to pet shelters which are some of the most stressful surroundings for a dog. We have been told by Shelter Staff that CBD HEMP OIL helps pets "take the edge off" when they come into a new shelter. Between all of the pets and pet owners we interact with, We have dozens of positive testimonials that the CBD products offered below help with Pet Anxiety, calming and with aches and pains. You can trust the CBD HEMP OIL products we offer at HHOUTLET.com


CBD HEMP OIL and other calming tips:

If you have a Thunder Jacket but want more calming for your dog, CBD oil can be used at the same time as a Thunder Jacket. AND, CBD oil can be used anytime - not just Thunderstorms. Use before company comes over, use before going to dog park, use when leaving for hours....


CBD for Dogs Explained:

Nature created the Cannabis plant to assist all mammals (spine required). Dogs have a spine and a similar internal system that humans have (ECS) to use Cannabis for natural calming and help with inflammation. Cannabis Hemp CBD oil has been purchased from HHOUTLET to help dogs deal with loud noises, fireworks and separation anxiety for over 2 years now and the feedback is positive - read the reviews.

Unlike traditional pain medicine for dogs, CBD HEMP OIL for dogs has no life-threatening side effects with proper dosage, Shu points out. “It doesn’t damage the kidney, liver, or GI tract. The dogs aren’t high or sedated.”

How to give CBD to your Dog:
Try putting the drops in your hand to be licked off, or drip a few drops over food or treats.

Inside each bottle is a 1mL eye dropper.

  • There are 30 servings if you use the full dropper (10mg dose).
  • There are 60 servings if you use only 1/2 of the dropper (5mg dose).
  • Suggestion: first time pet owners should only use 1/4 to 1/2 of the eye dropper in the bottle. 
  • For dogs under 35lbs the 300mg bottle at 1/2 dropper is a good suggestion as you'll get 60 servings of 5mg each dose.
  • For dogs over 40lbs, the 900mg bottle may provide a higher dose in a smaller amount of liquid making it easier to dose larger dogs that might not like or lick all of the oil required in a 300mg bottle. Each 1/2 dropper will give 15mg and you can adjust your dose down per your own pet needs.



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