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VAPE Battery KOMODO C5 MOD A+ Free shipping

  • $30.00
  • Save $9

We have helped many clients find the best VAPE solution for their needs.

(*****) This is a 5 STAR Batter Mod for ANY VAPE use. We've tested several of these batteries and they rank a solid 10+ and A+ for:

  • Battery Life - seems like days before needing charge
  • Quality - Very Dependable, always works, usually on lowest heat setting
  • Size - This battery MOD is smaller than a typical VAPE PEN, so it fits in your pocket, your purse, your backpack or car much easier.
This is the BATTERY For you

With this Battery MOD you get:

  • 1 Battery Cell
  • 2 Brass Vape Cartridge ADAPTORS
    • You can have 2 separate VAPE Cartridges in use
  • 1 USB charger cord


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