We've spoken to a large number of VAPE clients and when it comes to these small pens there are three major considerations:

  1. Convenience - is it easy to use, charge, fill...
  2. Product - is the CBD Hemp Oil a high quality oil? Do you have COA reports?
  3. Zero problems - small parts have a high problem potential, is this a good pen?


After trying over a dozen metal tips, metal batteries, USB chargers, etc. We found the best CBD VAPE pens that all give a YES to all the above considerations.


The Cibadol ZERO THC Vape Pen is:

  1. Disposable (200 puffs, can last you over 3-4 weeks)
  2. Has a High Quality Lab Report CBD HEMP OIL at 200mg per pen
  3. Witha  low DOA/Failure rate (under 3%), clients told us they like this pen, we believe you will too.