CBD Holiday Gifts

The Holidays can be very stressful with all of the planning, driving, shopping, eating and family gatherings. CBD is a great way to share the Natural and Organic Benefits of American Grown HEMP CBD.

A Healthy Hemp Outlet -- Holiday Gift Kit shows your loved one that you care and want the BEST CBD sent as a gift so their holiday is a bit less stressful and more relaxing. 

We selected each kit based on the past 18 months of sales, and what items were picked most, AND which items were purchased with other items too.

To make things easy each kit is designed for a type of need: Anxiety, or Sleep or Pain, (or BOTH).

Take a look at the items below, click the one you are interested in to learn more and if you need more  help, please call us at 727-755-1223 to set up your kit, or to make a custom kit? We also do office party kits where every employee will receive a product and free education.