When you learn about CBD for the first time, you probably think of one or two issues that you would like to try CBD for. Whether it is a sore knee, anxiety, muscle cramps, etc. There is usually ONE issue we focus on. What we've learned from our clients the past two years is that CBD has unexpected "Other Benefits" that include: Sleeping Better, Less Agitation, Reducing Tinnitus, Easier Bowel Movements, Tingling Sensation Reduced, the list goes on.

It is widely known that most Americans are not getting a good nights sleep. The suggestion is that we get 8 hours of sleep, and most reports suggest test subjects get less than 8 hours on average. So you'd think that SLEEP would be near the top of the list of reasons why people are trying CBD for the first time. Guess what, now 1 in 5 clients that visit us in the store are asking for CBD for SLEEP as the main reason to use/try CBD. 

So what happens when you take CBD for your sore knee, but you also get a good nights sleep that night and the next day you may feel a bit more optimistic and up-beat. The reason is "Total Body Benefit" also called systemic.m. For CBD to work, it needs to enter your bloodstream. So when you smoke, eat, put drops under your tongue, or rub on your skin, ultimately the magic happens when CBD reaches your bloodstream and distributes to your TOTAL BODY. 

 All of the products on the site have been evaluated by previous clients and have received positive feedback that we are happy to share, just read below.