CBD fights Inflammation by helping the body calm the pain sensation signals. Your pain signals to your brain are lowered as if the brakes were being applied inside your body. Your adrenaline and fight or flight modes are put on stand down mode, and your overall feeling and wellbeing should improve.

This is a VERY SLOW process and a Natural Process. As such, CBD should NOT BE COMPARED to PAIN Medication and the associated PAIN RELIEF (blocked pain signals) that Rx Meds provide. With CBD for Pain we have received testimonials with a reduction in a Pain level of a 10+ to a 6, and a Pain level of a 7 to a 3. CBD will not erase or remove your pain. CBD can reduce your inflammation naturally and help ease your pain symptoms. 

Most patients have tried many other creams and lotions and have not found a product that has as much positive user testimonials as does CBD. When you add CBD to your pain area, the CBD needs to fight through your skin, then around and near your muscles and joints to enter your bloodstream. The CBD in the local area has been reported to help clients get back on their feet a little easier. Please read the reviews at the very bottom of most product pages. 

If you are using a Rx Script to treat pain considered "Pain Management" you may find CBD to help with your therapy naturally, but you should consult your doctor before you reduce or change any Rx Script.  Contact us for more info, or stop by our St. Pete Store.