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Savage CBD Relax Vape Pen (recharge & disposable) -

Savage CBD Relax Vape Pen (recharge & disposable)

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Relax Full Spectrum CBD Pen

Savage CBD  presents our premiere CBD Relax. This pen is infused with Apple Kush Terpenes – perfect for night time or anytime you want to relax. Simply grab one of these, use as needed, and enjoy!

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & Terpenes.Relax Full Spectrum CBD Pen badges

Due to Washington state laws & regulations, we are unable to process or sell any CBD vape products to the residents of the state of Washington.


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Lab Tested, All Natural
Lab Tested, All-Natural

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Award-Winning CBD
Award-Winning CBD

Our brand has been featured by some of the top blogs and companies! We've been featured by Buzzfeed, Forbes, Yahoo and more!

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