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50mg CBD Brownie with Honey

  • $14.50

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Here’s a great way to get 50mg of CBD into your bloodstream via your stomach and digestive system. 

 When you eat a CBD product  your digestive system will take about an hour to process and metabolize the CBD. This 50 mg brownie you will provide nearly 20 mg effective use / bio availability.

Our CBD / HEMP full spectrum honey brownie is all the buzz. We crafted not only a beerific brownie but we used honey with it also. Our CBD / HEMP brownies pack in with 50mg of Full Spectrum CBD / HEMP. Find out why everyone loves our brownies. 


light corn syrup, salt, vanilla, sugar, water, cacao powder, shortening, honey, almond flour, butter, bittersweet chocolate, eggs, Full Spectrum CBD 


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