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Sticky Brick Labs Flower Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Labs Flower Vaporizer

  • $149.00


Looking for a Vaporizer that has looks and skills? 
Sticky Brick Labs custom makes these wood vaporizers in the Mountains of North Carolina. Each Piece is a Classic with wood patterns that vary from piece to piece - you get a truly unique device.
Product Details

The Padauk Junior is one of the most brightly-colored woods we offer. Padauk is known for its brilliant reds and oranges, accented with dark brown grain. The Runt mouthpiece also works with the Junior and our bent flame intake will work with both devices. The Runt ships with our standard accessory pack including a torch (shipped empty), two carb corks, two stainless stir sticks along with two wooden sticks, six screens, and two Restrictor Discs. This is a great Device with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

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