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Vape CBD Filled Cartridges

  • $42.00
  • Save $28

Get quantity (2) High Quality VAPE Cartridges filled with you choice of vendors CBD Oil.

When in our retail store, we have several clients that love this service so we wanted to offer a two piece deal online as well.

Inside the cartridge we use high quality Vape CBD E-Liquid from trusted brands. Each vendor is a brand we carry in the retail store and may not be online but we are growing in this area and only offer what customers have told us they like.

These cartridges are filled by us using high-quality standards such as gloves, masks, and disinfecting wiping done before and after. 

You will receive:

- (2) CBD Filled Vape Cartridges 

(requires battery)

(The 1oz bottle is not included, each cartridge will be filled from these bottles)

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