CBD and Sleep

For Sleeping thru the night, we've heard from clients and have seen in our own staff testing that with regular CBD intake (Oil, Vape, or Edibles) there is an overall improved sleep quality. Once asleep, most clients said they were able to stay asleep until the next AM. 

The calming and relaxing properties of CBD help your mood find balance and when using CBD at night about an hour before bed you can experience a solid night of sound sleep. When you wake up, you won't have a  groggy feeling like with other sleep aids that leave you feeling exhausted the next AM.

 All of the items in the collection have received feedback from our Healthy Hemp Outlet Staff, and from clients that commented on their good nights sleep.


We've spoken to many clients about their experiences with CBD and created this CBD SLEEP Collection to give you the "Best of the BEST" CBD Products -  to help you or a loved one get a good nights sleep.

Buy one for yourself, or buy one and ship to a family member, 
loved one or a co-worker you want to share with.

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Directions:   CBD should not make you drowsy, it does not have a "feeling", but after about 40 minutes your ECS will go to work helping calm and balance your body. Once you are asleep you most clients tell us they were able to sleep a solid night without waking up several times.

In order to find the optimal amount, you start at a medium mg level (40 - 150mg a day) and use for 4 days, then see how you feel or "what don't you feel". From getting a good night sleep you can feel more revived and ready to go.

Suggestions: about an hour before bed most clients seek 15mg - 25mg serving of CBD in a gummy. You can increase after 4-5 nights another 5-15mg if desired. It is best to only need a little CBD - so you can save money in the long run. There are gummies out there that are 300mg, most people see benefits with 15-30mg at night, but you will figure that out or call us for help finding your balance point.


     If you have questions, please email or call us!!