Our Best CBD OIL 900mg by HH Outlet

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 High Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

** New CBD Oil 900mg Pricing - 50.00 each while supplies last (MSRP 65.00)**

  • Lab Tested & Certified with a COA 
  • Over 3 Years of Positive Feedback 
  • HHO Certified CBD, not just Hemp Seed Oil 
Since April 2017 we've helped more than 2500 clients find their Best CBD Oil for their needs. After hearing feedback from clients about which CBD products worked best and why, we  partnered with our best source and their farm to create - Healthy Hemp Outlet CBD Products. 
This has been our best selling CBD oil for the past 3 YEARS (Same farm, same processor, same quality). Each bottle of our Hemp CBD 900mg bottle gives you 60 servings of CBD at 15mg CBD Dose each. After 3 years of working with clients we’ve learned that 15mg of CBD seems to be an average dose that starts to work for most folks. 
Our CBD Oil formulation is simple with just a couple ingredients meaning you get more High Quality CBD Oil and less fillers. Our CBD OIL offers a low THC level that is well under the .3 percent Federal limit. 
Covid-19 Update: it is our understanding that Hemp may help your body's Immunity via your Endocannabinoid System. We have not seen specific scientific data suggesting Hemp can, will, might or has cured covid-19. However, if you trust Mother Nature, and plants, then you may find that a healthy ECS might be a great proactive step to take to help protect your body and assist your immunity. 
Click here to read about CBD and Covid
Ingredients: 900mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Total, 60 servings of 15mg, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil, Less than .3% THC
Suggested Use:
Our 900mg CBD Oil offers 15mg of CBD when you use 1/2 of the eye dropper, or 30mg with a full eye dropper. Most clients reported success after an AM + PM CBD Dose Plan with 15mg in the AM and 15mg in the PM.
Our 900mg bottle will give you 60 servings of 15mg.

Every web order ships with a suggested use card that shows the CBD bottle Eye Dropper and how 1/2 dropper = 60 servings.  The included dropper gives you the power to fill the dropper up all the way and get a stronger Dose for more serious needs and/or as needed. 

Our Best CBD OIL 900mg by HH Outlet

 With each purchase your package will ship in a Discreet Plain White Padded Envelope. No Stickers or pictures, just our return address: HHOUTLET.com on the outside. You also get the dose guide shown above.

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